International School for Linear Colliders

May 19-27, 2006, at Sokendai and KEK

ILC School Office has reserved a block of rooms for the participants at the Shonan Village Center (SVC) walking distance from the school site (Soken-dai) at Shonan Village from May 19 to 26, and KEK dormitory inside KEK from May 26-28.

Date:May 19-26 (Sokendai), May 26-27 (KEK)
School Office Information
Room and meals reservation at Shonan by ILC school office is only for May 19-26, and at KEK is for May 26-28.
If you plan to arrive ealier at or stay in Japan after the school, please arrange your accommodation by yourself.
Sasha's useful information
For unexperienced traveler to Japan, this information must be very useful.
Laptop computers for attending the course
During the course of the school, laptop computers are absolutely necessary, therefore, we strongly recommend you to bring your laptop. If you can not do so, please inform us well beforehand.
AC-plug for your laptop
Please be reminded that the type of Japanese AC-plug is in almost all cases different from the standard of your country.
We, therefore, advise you also prepare an AC-plug adapter to make your laptop usable in Japan.
Application for Wireless LAN in KEK
If you use internet inside KEK, it is necesarry to register to apply the service at Users Office. Please fill out "Application form for Wireless LAN adapter" and send it to the users office via e-mail ( by May 25, 2006.
Secretary to ILC School
Accelerator Laboratory
KEK, High Energy Accelerator Research Organization
TEL: +81-29-864-5214
FAX: +81-29-864-3182
PHS: +81-29-864-5200 (ext.4989)
Contact at Shonan Village Center (SVC) after May 19
Mr. Koichi Wada
ILC School Accommodation Reservation Desk
c/oVillage Shonan, Inc.
TEL: +81-46-855-1800
FAX: +81-46-855-1816
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